New Moon in Pisces 2020, Astrological Guidance

New Moon in Pisces 23rd February 2020, Astrological Guidance with Natalie Delahaye

New Moon in PiscesThere is a New Moon happening on 23rd February in Pisces at 4 degrees. This is the last new moon of the year prior to the spring equinox on March 20th, marked by the Sun leaping into Aries. We are coming full circle, the Sun is completing his 12 month cycle through the zodiac signs, ending at Pisces. While all monthly New Moons are about setting intentions, starting afresh and creating new goals, the Pisces New Moon is especially powerful, in terms of envisaging your future goals for the coming year. This is the time to find

2020 Vision. New Moon in Aquarius 2020

The New Moon in another opportunity to re-set and refresh our New Year resolutions that will have long term effects into the new decade, manifesting way into the distant future. That sense of fresh beginnings that every New Moon has, seems magnified right now. We are hot on the heels of eclipse season, a very potent time of change. The long awaited for Saturn Pluto conjunction that perfected on 12th January is still in orb, marks the end of a long era. We have a better understanding now of our purpose on a personal and collective level. The recent

Astrological Weather for Sagittarian season: making a vision real

New Moon in Sagittarius, 26th November Making a vision real Welcome to Sagittarius season. The shift from the transformative, intense deep waters of Scorpio month to the expansive, spirited extroversion of Sagittarius season, is noticeable. Sagittarius is mutable fire, binding one season to another, from autumn to winter here in the northern hemisphere. Sagittarius disseminates knowledge, ideas and connections. They infuse others with spirit, through sharing light, truth and visions others and sparking our desire for broader perspectives and wider connections. We all have Sagittarius somewhere in our charts, that will be illuminated by the new moon and from the

New Moon in Scorpio, halloween

New Moon in Scorpio, 28th October 2019, Astrological Guidance, Natalie Delahaye

Welcome to Scorpio season, an especially potent time of rebirth and metamorphosis. Whatever our Sun sign (zodiac sign), we all have planets or points in Scorpio, whether natally or progressed that will be lit up by the Scorpio New Moon on 28th October. Astrology is all about the seasons and equinoxes, as above so below and as around us, so within us. In the northern hemisphere, trees are dropping their leaves and everything is going deep back into the earth once more. In the same way this is the time to shed the old and let go. Like a snake

New moon in Leo, 1st August, 2019

New Moon in Leo, ‘New Potentials.’1st August 2019, Astrological Guidance by Natalie Delahaye

New Moon in Leo 1st August 2019, ‘New Potentials’ New Moons are times to update, review, re write and renew our intentions. In Leo, light is shed on our core self, our personal path and the unique part that we play in life. We are the stars of own movie and the hero of our journey. Does fear or lack of confidence diminish our light or obscure our individuality? The energies of this heart- centred New Moon encourage us to express our talents and passion, re- ignite that spark of divinity and have faith and courage in being our unique

New Moon in Cancer, Solar Eclipse, July 2nd 2019

New Moon in Cancer, Solar Eclipse, Astrological Guidance, July 2nd 2019

Solar New Moon Eclipse in Cancer, July 2nd It is a total  new moon solar eclipse in Cancer, visible in Chile and Argentina. Eclipses are milestone timelines that provide important opportunities for our growth, our breakthroughs and the ongoing journey of our destiny. The cyclical dance of the Sun and Moon reveal the unfolding of our unique life story. The solar eclipse is an amped up New Moon, which plays out for 6 months or more. That which is happening now has echoes of the eclipse 18/19 years ago. Whatever was of importance at that time is up for review

New moon in Taurus, 4th may, Natalie Delahaye, Astrological Guidance

New Moon in Taurus, 4th May 2019, Astrological Guidance, Natalie Delahaye

New Moon in Taurus 14 degrees, 4th May 2019 Monthly New Moons are times in which to make fresh starts, initiate new things, make a wish list, and set intentions for what we wish to manifest over the coming month and beyond. In practical Taurus, the themes to consider when setting intentions are: self-worth, self-love, values, comfort and the need for them to be in alignment with our core truth and purpose. Taurus is an earth sign, which is attuned to listening to the wisdom of our bodies, of the earth and of our five senses. Venus, this New moon’s

Blue Full Moon 19th April 2019, Astrology

Blue Full Moon in Libra at 29 degrees, 19th April 2019, Astrological Guidance

Blue Full Moon in Libra at 29 degrees, 19th April 2019 It is a Blue full Moon in Libra, a once in a while occurrence that happens when there are more than 1 full Moon a in a month in the same zodiac sign. Relationships are illuminated at this Libran Full Moon; endings, beginnings, revelations, a crossroads, whatever it is it will be a shift. The theme of equilibrium and poise in our interactions and relationships of all kinds comes to the fore. Are we people pleasing (Libra) to the point of not being true to our nature and desires?

New Moon in Pisces 6th March 2019

New Moon in Pisces, 6th March, 2019

New Moon in Pisces 6th March 2019 New moons are times for seeding new ideas, setting new intentions, renewing and starting afresh with goals. We all have 15 degrees Pisces somewhere in our charts, and points and planets that will be activated by the New moon. In Pisces, the fish, we are reminded to go with the flow, and surf the waves. The best results come right now from surrendering to the current of life, letting go and enjoying the ride of the waves. This is a meditative, reflective time of endings, completions and releasing the old to make room

Essential oils for Capricorn season

Aromatherapy and Astrology Essential oils For your Wellbeing During Capricorn Season

The Aromatherapy essential oils that have a balancing, healing effect on Capricorn, are Sandalwood, Bergamot and Myrrh Sandalwood, like Capricorn, reaches its peak later in life; taking 60 years to reach maturity for distillation. This makes it a perfect essential oil for Capricorn season. Sandalwood has spiritually opening effects and stimulates intellectual expression. It is great for Saturnian melancholic moments. Try massaging a blend of throat chakra, expression oil, Sandalwood, onto the body with sweet almond oil. As well as stimulating a flow of communication, it will clear the mind and calm the nerves. Bergamot is an excellent reviving, anti-depressant.