2020 Vision. New Moon in Aquarius 2020

The New Moon in Aquarius.is another opportunity to re-set and refresh our New Year resolutions that will have long term effects into the new decade, manifesting way into the distant future.

That sense of fresh beginnings that every New Moon has, seems magnified right now. We are hot on the heels of eclipse season, a very potent time of change. The long awaited for Saturn Pluto conjunction that perfected on 12th January is still in orb, marks the end of a long era. We have a better understanding now of our purpose on a personal and collective level. The recent astrological weather has given us opportunities to mature with the dharma earth school lessons that have been delivered and to align more fully to our path. This involves letting go of patterns that no longer serve us going forward, and accepting responsibility for our choices and

We have arrived in Aquarius season. The zodiac sign Aquarius is a fixed air sign, whose guiding planet is Uranus, the planet of innovation and the collective consciousness. An Aquarius seeks through friendships and groups to be part of a greater whole.

At this Aquarius New Moon on 24th January 2020, we can move the goal post of our usual boundaries and limitations, think outside the box and allow fresh new perspectives to breeze into our minds. There is an innovative, inventive and unpredictable vibe to this New Moon with Uranus the planet of change playing a starring role. Serendipity is at play and we need to make some room for the unknown in order to manifest the new.Be ready for some surprises and new insights from the collective consciousness. It is the time for setting our 2020 vision.