Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, as the sun moves into Aries, the first day of spring begins. Like the dynamic movement of the new shoots pushing through the earth after the winter, you see the energised, vital quality reflected in the personality of the Aries individual. The outgoing Aries loves activity, always having to be where the most action is. Arians charge, horns first into situations with full bravery and courage. The motto ‘Look Before You Leap’ is unheeded by your typical Arian. Arians are at their best when competing and winning and being allowed to express Read More
Taureans are bestowed with the grace and love of beauty of the Goddess Venus. They love beautiful people, beautiful art, beautiful food, beautiful music. In fact they have good but luxurious taste and do not want to settle for anything in life that lacks quality and sensuality. They treasure both objects and people and their possessiveness makes it difficult to let go of relationships. Taureans are traditional folk whose roots are firmly in tradition. They look for security and all that will endure a lifetime. They share their love of the countryside with the bull and even those Taureans who Read More
Out of all the signs of the Zodiac, Geminis are the easiest to recognise. It is their incessant chattiness, their social expertise and interest in a diverse range of subjects that gives them away. They normally are youthful looking also. Geminis are the butterflies of the Zodiac, flitting from one flower to another, covering a large surface area but rarely pondering in depth one specific area for fear of missing opportunities. To a Gemini there is a huge, wide world out there that needs to be explored and being tied down to one job, one place and a anything that Read More
Cancerians are very connected to the sea; the transient moods of Cancerians reflect the lunar influence that causes the ebb and flow of the ocean. Cancerians, like the crab will walk sideways in their pursuit for what they want. They are naturally assertive but do not show it directly. Their tenacious attitude, once intent on a goal, would rather lose a pincer than give up fighting for it. The sensitivity of the Cancerian is protected by a hard shell. They spend half of their life on dry land and the other in deep waters, balancing life between the practical world Read More
These gregarious, extravagant creatures rule all other animals, just like the King of the Jungle does. Leos shine with star quality, their charm and charisma attracting a wide audience. Being the centre of attention is essential to a Leo; he achieves this as much through behaving dramatically as he does by sulking. Leo is happiest when performing for others; creative pursuits are vital for a Leo and playing the lead role in these pursuits is equally important. Leos need to be respected and adored by others; life is empty to them without this. Leos make the most loyal and generous Read More
Librans are in love with love, on a theoretical level this sign spends much time pondering on love and seeking the ideal kind of love, complete with the right gestures and the correct courtly rituals. Libra is all about relating to others, whether in a relationship, with friends, or colleagues, it is harmony, balance, fairness and cooperation that these Venusian-ruled folk seek. Librans are unlikely to spend much of their life alone as their need for relationships is too strong. This sign can be a sucker for a pretty face; so affected by the surface beauty of their loved-one that Read More
Virgos need to understand the details in life, sometimes focussing so intently on details that they miss the bigger picture. Being a practical sign, Virgo’s is interested in the application of knowledge and will reject knowledge that cannot be put into practise. Virgoans need a structure and a routine within which to work, a lack of boundaries and guidelines may cause nervousness. Their desire for order and definition spills over into their emotional lives; Virgoans control their emotions. Virgoans are efficient people who need to be of service and to help others. The typical Virgo is interested and aware of Read More
Still waters run deep in a Scorpio. There are intensely powerful emotions hidden behind their calm, controlled exterior. Their secretive nature is what protects them from being hurt by others and when hurt can find forgiveness very difficult. Scorpion’s penetrate the surface of the matter to explore the mysteries in life. It is impossible to a Scorpion to take life and people at face value. These people are deeply passionate about everything from love, hobbies, politics and sport. Scorpions, like the insect are survivors who can recover from illness or emotional trauma due to their strong will and transformative powers. Read More
Life to a Sagittarian is a journey of discovery in which the destination is much less important than the journey. This sign is very interested in travelling, whether physically or mentally. The meaning of life is explored by a Sagittarian through long-distance travel, religion, philosophy, and various belief systems. This is an optimistic sign that attracts much positivity from life and people. They love the outdoors and sports and normally have an abundance of energy for these pursuits. The Sagittarian’s outlook is broad and he is always looking at the bigger picture, never content with that which narrows their perspective Read More
To understand Capricorn, it is necessary to imagine the mountain goat making its journey to the top of the mountain, steadily and slowly. Capricorn’s from an early age have an ambitious urge for success, always aiming to reach the top in whatever field they pursue. This is the sign of age reversal; when young, Capricorn’s are serious and cautious but as they get older they lighten up considerably due to the fact that goals have been reached. This is a very sober, conservative and disciplined sign that like working within a structure and taking on responsibility and authority. Public reputation Read More