Harvest Moon september 20th 2021, Coneflowers in my garden

Full Moon and Harvest Moon in Pisces 28 degrees, 11.55pm, UK time, Astrological Perspectives

Pisces Full Moon

This full moon in Pisces illuminates the healing, magic, inspiration and dreams to tap into. This is the Full Moon to open up to the collective sea of the unconscious and surrender to something greater than us that we can lose ourselves in. How often are we really in the moment or going with the flow? Think how robotic and mundane life would be without all things of a Neptunian nature, movies, art, glamour, beauty and the imagination.

Discovery of Neptune

The planet Neptune was discovered during the Romantic Era (1800 to 1850). The Romantic poets were as Neptunian as you can get, they worshipped love, nature and the imagination and were the first ever hippies.


This Full Moon illuminates the importance of using both the left and the right hemispheres of our brain at the same, time for balance and clarity. The right brain is intuition and imagination and dreams and the left is logic, discernment and discipline.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, where we let go of a sense of separateness. It is the web of interconnectedness that we are all a part of, like individual rivers return to the oceanic once more.

The Moon is opposite the Sun in Virgo… these ideals need to be made real, our spirituality needs to be grounded, we need to be able to discriminate and separate the chaff from the whea.t. What is fact and what is fiction. Forget ascension and other ethereal concepts, rather, think embodiment, think balance, make it tangible, make it real.

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