The Great Conjunction 2020

Winter Solstice 2020 & The Great Conjunction Christmas Star

On Winter solstice 2020, the longest night of the year, the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn graces the skies. The last time these giant gas bodies met up in Aquarius was nearly 800 years ago. Throughout the ages, Jupiter Saturn conjunctions have coincided with important world events. Early 17th century astronomer and mathematician Johannes Kepler suggested that that the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction was the Star of the Magi, that guided the 3 wise men to Christ’s birth. Jupiter and Saturn resemble one big star when they meet in the heavens.

Every 20 years ago there is a Jupiter Saturn conjunction in a different zodiac sign. Think back to what was happening for you at that time and see the echoes of a similar theme right now.

The great conjunction is a history measuring time- keeper. They stay in the same element for200 years. We are now moving from an earth cycle which stated in early 19th century to an air element cycle starting now.

Saturn moved into Aquarius in mid- December after a 2 year stay in Capricorn and Jupiter has followed suit.

In Capricorn, the lessons and focus have been around tangible, material concerns; adhering to boundaries and rules and conserving the tradition of the tried and tested.

With Jupiter and Saturn now in Aquarians, the earth school lessons are to do with a vision for humanity. It is a time for sowing the seeds for new paradigms, innovations of a global nature and the quantum realm. Saturn in Aquarius is the time for letting go of that which is tired and no longer working; updating traditions, structures and systems.
It is a time for being risk taking and innovative, socially, intellectually and creatively.
It is a Free spirited, free thinking and future focused time of creating a new vision for humanity.

We are now entering the beginning of a new 2000 year Astrological Age. For ages there has been predictions within new age, wellness and metaphysical circles about a new Age of Aquarius with

‘Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind’s true liberation
Aquarius, 5th Dimension, ‘Let the Sunshine In’.

This is the seeding of this time rather than the height of a new age, a time for the free spirited, free thinker and progressive minded soul. A new vision for humanity begins, catalyzed by Jupiter and Saturn with transformative Pluto following suit by 2023.

This winter solstice we can gaze at the ancient historic Great Conjunction Star of the Magi and we can reflect on what we have learnt and how we have grown during 2020, the year we will never forget. We can let go of that which is ready to say goodbye to and look ahead to 2021 with a new vision.

Jupiter and Saturn Themes

•Freedom within structures
•Practical and realistic visions
•Future horizons
•Expanded ambitions
•Making the most of what is there.
•Test of faith
•Cautious optimism
•Calculated risks
•Quest for Meaning, Beliefs and Purpose in life
•Balance between leaps of faith and small steps forward.

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