New Moon in Gemini Astrology chart

New Moon in Gemini, 6th June 2024: what this means for you, Astrological Guidance

This is a special New Moon as it is not every day that Jupiter, planet of luck and abundance is in Gemini, aligned with the new moon It will be 12 years before that happens again. Wherever in your chart this New Moon falls is where you can expect luck, growth, improvements.

The sign that Jupiter currently occupies shows the areas of life that will be going through an expansive time either personally or collectively Jupiter magnifies our perspective, broadens our outlook, helps us see the bigger picture,

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are all in Gemini for this New Moon. The emphasis of Gemini creates a rejuvenating elixir, blowing the mental cobwebs away, lightening the mood and making us more adaptable and open to the new.
The area of life that brings beginnings of growth, is wherever Gemini is in your chart. Neighbours, siblings, community, media, short journeys, duality and learning feature in this new beginning for all those who have planets and points in Gemini.

Gemini as a zodiac sign

The gift of Gemini is to be ever open to the new; new ideas, new friends, new connections. Their natural curiosity is what keeps them youthful and sprite like. like the butterfly they flit from flower to flower, covering a broad surface area. Air sign Gemini is all about the breath. A Gemini ‘s mind needs to be free and clear, so that they can mentally travel, circulate and breathe in new ideas and inspiration. Language and self-expression is a theme for the New Moon: mental dexterity and adaptability with our language and perceptions. Gemini is the story- teller and weaver of ideas.

At this Gemini New Moon, celebrate the eclectic, be diverse and stay curious.

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