Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, 2020, Astrology

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on November 30th 2020: Beliefs, Truth and Facts, Astrological Guidance, Natalie Delahaye

Eclipse season kicks off on November 30th 2020 at 9:30am GMT, with a Full moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini at 8 degrees.

A lunar eclipse is a full moon or steroids-if a Full Moon represents a  new sentence within our life story, then  an eclipse is a brand new paragraph.

A lunar eclipse is not an isolated one day event, rather, it is connected to a cyclical saros cycle that has been building and continues to, over time. The Moon’s nodes, (the Dragon’s head and Dragon’s tail) are points on the ecliptic that are in alignment with an eclipse.

In the past, eclipses were seen in a superstitious light, as doomed, fated events, that caused disasters in society. This is an outdated view and these days we can see them as times that provide important opportunities for growth, breakthroughs and the ongoing journey of realising our destiny.

Lunar eclipses are reflective times of emotional intensity and letting go. They bring completion, closure and release. Something is leaving our lives; one door closes and another opens. Eclipses can be a time of high emotional drama for some.

The Sun is in direct opposition to the Moon during a lunar eclipse. The sun and Moon represent a sacred marriage. They are always participating in a cyclical dance of separation and union.  As they unite, then pull apart, harmonize and separate. As above, so below. The Sun and Moon in our charts show the marriage of opposites by uniting our opposites, within ourselves we can find more wholeness within our psyche and in the outer world.  

The Nodes of the Moon are points of destiny and purpose , the North Node paves future directions and the South node is our past, as well as that which needs to be resolved,  Currently  the South Node is in Sagittarius, signifying that dogma, the arrogance of  always being right, outmoded philosophies and beliefs that no longer resonate, all need to be released and resolved.

“We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are.” Anais Nin

North Node in Gemini reminds us to stay curious, adaptable and flexible with our ideas and beliefs, and to carry on updating them as new information arises.

Neptune is in a t- square aspect to the nodes. What is fact, what is fiction? We can forgive ourselves and others for our folly and have empathy and compassion for those who are seeing through a different lens- maybe even learn from them and take on a new perspective.

Moving forward, we can progress through sharpening our critical reasoning tools, getting better at our fact- finding; knowing when to be intuitive and when to be rational. We can look at where we scatter our energies and need to focus more.

Questions to ponder on at this time. Do we integrate our Wisdom or is our knowledge, solely academic and theoretical? Do we live out our beliefs and practice what we preach?  Are our beliefs supported by our facts? 

The Chart ruler Mercury, planet of communication is in emotionally intelligent, deep thinking Scorpio with Saturn and Pallas Athene in flowing aspect. It is all about wisdom, doing the work, facing reality, quality over quantity, depth over surface and holistic over fragmented. Time to go deep with an idea and alchemise data into insight.

 Full Moon themes for Gemini Lunar Eclipse •

•Revising/resetting our stories

•Speaking our truth

•Finding a new philosophy

•Belief versus facts

•Taking on a new perspective

•Challenging dogma within ourselves and others

•Integration of logic and intuition

•Science and spirituality

J•oining the dots

Best wishes to you all, Natalie