full Moon in Aries 2020

Full Moon in Aries October 1st 2020: Action and Reaction

It is Aries Full Moon, the Harvest Moon as well as the Hunters moon on 1st October 10:05pm British summer time, and depending on your location in the world, this Full Moon will be happening for you either on 1st or 2nd October.

Full Moons bring fullness, fruition, completion and release. Full moons bring exposure, something is illuminated and something is ready to released or balanced.

Once a year at the same time each year, is the Aries full moon.

Aries Moon Theme

Like the new born baby taking its first breath or the first shoot of the seed, the Aries moon is all about the life force and vigour required for initiating brave, bold moves that begin a new cycle of growth This Moon sparks a dose of confidence and assertiveness.

Moon in Aries opposite Sun in Relationship orientated Libra

Relationships of all kinds are highlighted, bringing to light the balance of dependence and independence, self and other in our connectedness with others.

Questions to ponder on: are we people pleasing to the point of not being true to our nature and desires?

Do we need to be more compassionate to others and less self- centered?

Mars, Full Moon chart ruler of Aries

The planet Mars plays a starring role in this Full moon chart. Not only is Mars the ruler of Aries but the signature aspect of this Full Moon too. Planet of action Mars is in intense dialogue with the Capricorn stellium.

So what does this mean?

Mars is all about action, motivation, acting on impulse and passion. Mars is ego, the development stage of the terrible twos, which is the first act of a child asserting their independence from their parents through their tantrums and infantile rage.

As an adult, Mars at less conscious expression can be expressed as a lack of patience, wanting it all lack of cooperation, short term fixes, and a demand for instant gratification.

Yet Mars is currently retrograde from 9th september to 13th November. This affects the way in which we go for what we want. Our action, passion, drive and energy is more focused within in an, internalised way, rather than directed into the outer world. It is an ideal time to rethink our actions and re-actions.

Mars retrograde is an ideal time for reworking an old project reviewing and planning a new direction, and hatching a plan.

Full Moon Chart Aspects

The Full Moon in Aries is sandwiched between a Saturn and Pluto station. Saturn stationed direct on 30th September and Pluto follows suit on 5th October.
There are limits on action right now. Cosmic warrior Mars is squaring off (90 degree square aspect) to Saturn and Pluto. A square in astrology means challenge, obstacles and adjustments

Mars square Saturn is like driving with the brakes on, like trying to run on sand. Things are not moving at the speed we are used to and getting things off the ground may be more time consuming than usual.
Mars Saturn transits can restrict our actions and the way in which we express our energy. What we can learn at this time is patience, focus and priority. It is better to go deep and focused, than broad and wide with this transit.

Saturn, cosmic taskmaker of life lessons here on earth

Saturn in astrology shows earth lessons, how we are graduating to the next stage. Learning the rules before we break them and doing the work before earning the rewards. It is the earth school of evolution and graduation. It’s the wisdom and experience that comes from age and experience, as well as perfecting our craft through time. It is our personal history and collective history that forms the foundations from which we branch out and reach fruitions and new heights.

The message from the universe is to do with our actions, what drives them and how best to channel and direct our energies in challenging times. When our normal movement and action is restricted.

Rather than being fuelled by ego and the self, actions can be based and driven by the collective, taking other people into account.
Pluto is known as the higher octave of Mars. Whilst Mars is all about the ego and Pluto at its most conscious manifestation is driven by soul urges.

Pluto, transpersonal Planet of metamorphoses

Pluto is lord of the underworld, Hades in mythology. Pluto symbolises rebirth. To have a rebirth and renewal of spirit involves descending into the underworld of your psyche. like a snake shedding its skin, parts of us are left behind metaphorically. When Pluto is playing an important role collectively and in our personal lives, like it is now, with the ongoing Saturn Pluto conjunction and Jupiter Pluto conjunction, it indicates a time to confront and regenerate that which is ready to change. They are times to eliminate that which is outworn, that which we have outgrown, ideas, concepts, a relationship, a habit?

Pluto is currently in Capricorn

Collectively , this is a huge reality check., it’s a time of aligning more deeply to our paths, taking responsibility for our dharma and karma, waking up to our purpose and calling in life and accepting that Every action has a reaction, delivering the karma of what we have already sown, wither in the form of karmic debts or rewards.

Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008. And will be here until 2024

Pluto in Capricorn is deeply transformative and operates on a social, and collective level as well as a personal one. Pluto is transforming the social order, laws, duties, responsibilities. It destroys and deconstructs what is no longer efficient, secure and honest in governments, finance and laws;

Despite the crisis, it is an innovative time for taking that leap forward; though it is challenging for those who thrive on control and ego. We have opportunities to make significant changes for our own personal evolution, releasing what is no longer relevant to our life path and embracing the new.