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My passion for Astrology was sparked at the age 12, after reading Linda Goodman’s Sun Sign book.  Zodiac signs are just the tip of the astrological iceberg yet a perfect starting point into the fascinating world of  astrology
Since completing my studies at the Faculty of Astrological Studies London, in 2007, I’ve been working as a professional Astrologer, both locally in Farnham, Surrey, UK and internationally via skype.

During my time as an Astrologer, I’ve made several media appearances; I was interviewed live on CNN World News, in front of Buckingham Palace, about the birth chart of Prince George, and held a regular horoscope slot on a local radio station.

Continuing the Royal theme, I was fortunate enough to be commissioned to write a relationship compatibility chart as a wedding gift for the royal couple William and Katherine. My article on the royal couple’s compatibility has  been published in the prestigious Astrodienst, (link to my article) , as well as making the cover story of  TheAstrological journal. I have also been published in ‘In The Moment Magazine’, ivillage andInfinity Magazine

I am a guest speaker for  well known media astrologer Jessica Adam’s Sun sign school podcasts…from Avebury Stone Circle to Neptune, there is a diverse range of fascinating topics covered.

I believe in helping people to reach their true potential and unlocking the key to their own healing and empowerment.

My background is in Complementary Therapies; I specialised in aromatherapy, massage and energy work, leading me to the far east to further my spiritual development. I read English and American Literature at university. I am also a  fully qualified  solution-focused hypnotherapist.  

In my spare time, I love walking in the countryside with the dogs, Asian cooking, socialising, avidly reading, dancing and meditation.

What is Astrology?

Like a meteorologist forecast, Astrology can predict the cosmic weather conditions, yet there is choice involving how you navigate, through them.
Astrological Consultations can help you may choices aligned to your highest purpose based on the potentials of your chart.
Astrological Guidance Services
An Astrology consultation is informative, insightful, reassuring and clarifying. Astrology can help with the timing of events so that you can make the most
of opportunities coming your way, taking action at the best time to maximise the benefits of success.
Astrological Guidance consultations help you to deal with those confusing times; to know when circumstances will improve and the lessons, growth and
opportunities that come from these testing times. Astrology is a great tool for understanding yourself and others better, thus strengthening your
relationships through greater unity with others. It’s useful to have an Astrology Reading at a transitory time in your life, when you need clarity over a
situation. The benefits of a consultation assists in realigning you with your destiny and showing where your focus is needed most for you to be happy and
Astrological Consultations
I can either see you in person, do a skype consultation or send you a personalised recording. An mp3 recording of the session is sent to you after your consultation. If you require written notes or you require your reading written out, I can do this for you for an additional £30 on top of the fee of your service.  Written interpretations for  all of my services are available on request.

The fee of each of the services includes preparation time
prior to seeing you.  All information is treated in the absolute strictest confidence. No details are ever passed to third parties.

Astrological services


This consists of an in depth interpretation of your natal chart, revealing your potentials, talents, strengths and challenges in your chart. How you’re going to respond to change, challenges and opportunities that the planetary transits bring, depends on your purpose, life path and potential, shown by your natal chart, unique to you. I discuss your natal chart in detail, prior to looking at what’s happening now for you and the next 6 months to a year ahead. The main reasons that clients have, for consulting me, are relationships, family, career and life direction. However, your consultation is tailored to your needs so we can discuss anything that is of importance to you.


Relationships provide invaluable opportunities to find greater union with the universe, inner growth and the unfolding of our potential. A synastry chart consists of a comparison chart between you and a partner, friend, colleague or family member. This birth chart provides insight into the relationship; the harmony, potential as well as well as karmic patterns, challenges and purpose of the relationship.


An Electional chart helps to find the most appropriate moment in time to plan for that special event, when the planetary configurations are in harmony, maximizes your opportunity for success whether it’s a marriage, party or a business launch. Historically, Electional Astrology was used to plan battles, weddings and trips. £40 30 minutes


A children’s birth chart interpretation offers insight and understanding into the child’s character; talents, intellect, personality, likes, dislikes, strengths and limitations. Through understanding your child more, it is easier for you to guide them in a an appropriate way and to have fulfilling parent/child relationship. Each chart is personalized for the child and makes the perfect, unique gift for the special arrival of a baby for a christening or birthday. This is a handwritten interpretation which makes a lasting keepsake gift that will last long after other gifts are forgotten.

– High quality coloured Birth Chart
– An individually created written interpretation of baby’s Chart
– Beautiful hand written presentation envelope
– Baby’s birth stone


Have you ever wondered why 2 dogs of the same breed can exude such different behavioural traits? Our pets are influenced by the zodiac in the same way that we are. Dog Astrology gives insight into your dog’s character, helping you to bond more closely with him/her, through understanding his/her needs, as well as idiosyncrasies. As with Astrology for humans, Dog Astrology uses the date, location and time (if known), of the pet’s birth, when creating a birth chart. I will look at the influence of the planets on the day, month and year of your dog’s birth, which reveal your dog’s unique birth chart: Sun sign, Moon sign and all other planetary interactions. The characteristics of the breeds are taken into account.

Georgie, my maltipoo, (white dog in picture closest to camera), is a happy go lucky friendly Sagittarian. She’s extremely buoyant and puppy- like, despite being 6 years old. True to her Sagittarius Sun sign, Georgie is freedom loving and adventurous. She loves to be free to roam around and explore her environment without the restriction of a lead or harness. She will climb up spiral staircases that would terrify most dogs and she will jump up and down like a yo-yo enroute to her destination.

The Moon in Astrology reveals your dog’s emotional needs and responses. Georgie’s Moon sign is in the sign of caring Cancer; her protective side comes out around children and babies. She insists on sleeping at the end of their beds, keeping a watchful eye over them and alerting their parents if they cry during the night. Venus shows the way in which your dog relates to others. Georgie has Venus in Libra, which is all sweetness, love and light. Her nickname is angel dog. Everyone loves her, and nobody can help but be charmed by her big angelic eyes. Sagittarius has a tendency for over- doing it and being a tad over indulgent, Cancer Moon is a foodie, and Venus in Libra has a penchant for sweet food. Coupled together, you have a greedy dog who will eat anything, (no matter how exotic for a dog), and doesn’t know when to stop, given the opportunity.

The Fee for this service is £30 and consists of a chart interpretation and dog’s birth chart, which is written from scratch; not computer generated. Optionally, you can send me a picture of your dog to include in their chart. Dog Astrology Charts are available as written Interpretations, face to face consultations or a skype or phone call; whatever is most suitable. Natalie Delahaye is a professional Astrologer and writer, since 2007, known both locally as well as internationally, in her field.

Astrology Articles

Thoughts and writings on Astrology and life

In the light of William and Kate’s 5 th wedding anniversary on 29 th April, I’m writing about their Davison chart. I’m fortunate enough to have Kate’s birth time, as I was requested, from one of the guests who attended their wedding, to write a synastry chart as a wedding gift for the royal couple. The essence and goal of their relationship, shown by the composite Sun’s sign in dynamic fire sign Aries, is to boldly take on action and challenges in a pioneering, highly individual way. Falling in the karmic 12 th house of the soul; the growth and Read More

Natalie being interviewed live by CNN at the birth of baby prince George

‘Astrology is a tool for self-knowledge, interconnectedness and wholeness. It reveals inner tendencies, innate talents and potentials. It can help us to overcome our obstacles and unleash our potent potentialities on all levels. The zodiac is intrinsically connected with the cycle of the seasons, nature and the heartbeat of life.’

Natalie Delahaye

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