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Children and Baby Charts


A children’s birth chart interpretation offers insight and understanding into the child’s character; talents, intellect, personality, likes, dislikes, strengths and limitations. Through understanding your child more, it is easier for you to guide them in an appropriate way and to have fulfilling parent/child relationship. Each chart is personalized for the child and makes the perfect, unique gift for the special arrival of a baby for a  birthday. This is a handwritten interpretation which makes a lasting keepsake gift that will last long after other gifts are forgotten.

This is not a computer -generated chart, rather, it is written and edited by me and consists of between 3 to 5 A4 pages of writing. The birth chart, baby birth stone and a pdf email copy which will be sent to you also. The costs include postage in UK, though international deliveries do require a postage fee.

I mainly focus of what is known as the big 3 in Astrology, the Sun, Moon and Rising sign and themes of these in the birth chart.

– High quality coloured Birth Chart
– An individually created written interpretation of baby’s Chart
– Beautiful hand written presentation envelope
– Baby’s birth stone

Children and Baby Charts

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