Create and Reset Your Future with Astrology and Hypnotherapy


Combined Astrology and Hypnotherapy sessions. This is a 2 and a half hour sessions, separated into individual sessions. Recorded astrology consultation, birth chart and hypnosis track included in price.

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Due to popular demand, I have created  sessions to help create and reset your future with combined Astrology and Hypnotherapy ; these are two 75 minute sessions.

Whilst Astrology can show your map of potentials, if there are issues, such as anxiety, depression, phobias, lack of confidence etc, blocking you from moving into your desired future, then the signal you are putting out to the universe, is not conducive for attracting your destiny.

Hypnotherapy can help with this through releasing old worn out mental pathways and carving out new helpful patterns and mindsets, which can help you to manifest those incredible potentials shown in your Astrology charts. I trained at the highly renowned Clifton Practice and received my diploma in solution- focused hypnotherapy and psychotherapy (DFSH) in 2018. I also hold the nationally accredited Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma (HPD)-the ‘Gold Standard’ in Hypnotherapy.

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