Coronavirus:An Astrological Perspective

Us astrologers have known that from the end of 2019 and throughout the whole of 2020, would be trans-formative times for the world. The exact nature of the changes were not so clear.

‘During this transit some things will come to an end or an old order of life will cease. On a material level, this transit often causes financial problems or other kinds of shortages. Sometimes government or other officials will impose heavy burdens that greatly restrict your freedom of movement. It is also possible that some incident or accident may affect your health and thereby restrict your freedom of movement’.

Robert Hand, one of the world’s leading astrologers, describes in his book ‘Planets in Transits’ which he wrote decades ago, the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, the alignment of 2019/2020.

Fittingly accurate prediction for these times, I’m sure you will agree.

The last time there was a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn was in 1518, when Martin Luther sent his 95 theses to the church and begun the protestant revolution. 1518 was also the year that a bizarre dancing plague infected hundreds of Strasbourg citizens. They simply could not stop dancing compulsively in trance like frenzy. This resulted in many dying of heart attacks and strokes. The cause of the dancing has been put down to everything from overheated blood, demonic possession, fungal disease from local bread or heretical sects. To me it sounds shamanic and could have been a way of achieving an altered state of consciousness in order to connect with spirit, like shamans and Sufis do. It ended as mysteriously in 2 months, as mysteriously as it had begun.

2020 and the new visions that we have for our new decade, are being structured by the rare planetary alignment of Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Every 3 years Saturn changes sign, and this time is happening now. For the last 3 years, in earth sign Capricorn, the lessons have been around tangible, material concerns, adhering to boundaries and tradition. Now, in Aquarius, the earth school lessons are around a vision for humanity, social networks and systems. Aquarius is a fixed air sign and it will be innovations of a global nature that will be taking place over the next 3 years: the matrix, the quantum realm and the great interconnected web of life that connects us to the cosmic mind.

Throughout 2020, Pluto (transformation) will be triggered by Jupiter (global), Saturn and Mars… courage and drive for deep transformation. ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’. There is no limit to what can be manifested with this potent, dynamic combination of planets but focus and purpose is important. The shadow side to this combo is power hunger, inflated egos and control. With Mars currently exalted in Capricorn conjunct Pluto; the force is with us, to forge ahead in dynamic style, make our dreams a reality and achieve our goals. We need the power of patience and have to break through fears and dig deep to connect with our core truth to get there, however. Collectively, something is ending and beginning for us.

The transit of Jupiter and Pluto is associated with big secrets being exposed, buried wealth in a material and metaphysical sense. This is also the aspect of recycling, mining, power and the faith needed to move a mountain.

Solar eclipses are milestone timelines that wake us up, break old patterns and illuminate new directions. The effects of an eclipse go on for many months linking to a saros (repeat) series of eclipses that continue through time. They synchronise with significant events collectively as well as in our personal lives.

The 2019/2020 eclipse saros season is linked to 2000/2001. In my lifetime, 09/11 and the Coronavirus Pandemic are the most dramatic world events . I have ever know…. nothing could eclipse them in terms their life changing effects in shaping history. There is an air theme going on with both crisis too.

At a solar eclipse the Sun’s corona is visible to the naked eye. The word corona is the light around the moon which looks like a crown.
I was wondering what the name choice corona has to do with the virus and found the explanation by ‘New Scientist’.
‘coronavirus particles are surrounded by a fatty outer layer called an envelope and usually appear spherical, as seen under an electron microscope, with a crown of club-shaped spikes on their surface.’

So does the timing of the virus pandemic have any connection with the recent eclipse season?

On 30th December 2019 an urgent notice from Wuhan, China was issued, alerting us of an unknown virus.
This happened on the heels of the solar eclipse (26th December 2019) Eclipses are always powerful times of shifting times, the recent eclipse was especially so, as it synchronised with a rare and trans-formative planetary alignment of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, translating as the collapse of one order prior to the and the birthing of a new one. Saturn and Pluto are slow moving planets so when they align, life changing events happen. Last time Saturn conjoined Pluto coincided with the Aids epidemic, which turned out to be not as catastrophic as the worse case scenario could have been. Let’s envision the best case scenario for the Coronavirus pandemic.

In order to really understand the effect of a solar eclipse, you need to understand the archetype and symbolism of the Sun and Moon

The Sun: Our Spirit

Most people know their zodiac sign but not everyone realises that their zodiac sign is their Sun sign: the sign Sol was in at the time of their birth. Your Sun sign illuminates your path of fulfilment and attainment of your potential.

The Sun is the core of the solar system, it represents our spirit, our essence, and our lifetime journey of self-realisation. Through walking our solar path, we can reach our potential, and unfold into who we really are, the best version of ourselves. The Sun is our consciousness and source of life. The circle is the symbol of the Sun, showing wholeness and the eternal now, where there is no past or future, simply the now. The sun can be egoic, in its desire to express its uniqueness can feel superior to everyday folks, demanding royalty treatment and entitlement. The sun links us to our divinity: if your crown chakra is open, you are connected to your divine source. Our crown chakra is always open, though through spiritual practise, we can open the bud to an open flower. Via our pre-frontal cortex, the most conscious part of our mind, we can discover our superpower, innovate and be co-creators with the universe.

The Moon: Our Soul

Where the Sun is our spirit, the Moon is our soul and source of emotional intelligence. It is the seat of our intuitive wisdom and enables us to become conscious of our consciousness. The Moon connects us to the ocean of emotions, memory, needs and the collective unconsciousness. It is the roots from which we birth fruitions and our nourishment on a physical, mental and spiritual level. How we nurture others and receive nourishment, is shown by our natal Moon sign and aspects. The Moon affects the tides, the and the water in our bodies. It is not just the Sun who wears the crown: ‘crowning’ is a term given to a baby moving down the birth canal with. The Moon connects us to our ancient, survivalist brain, which is crucial for times of crisis and emergencies, when we need to produce the stress hormones to run for our lives and switch of all narrative. It senses danger, smells fear and instinctively knows the truth.

While the sun looks ahead, the Moon looks back. Whilst the Sun represents how we branch out and receive the fruits of fulfilment, the moon is what links us to the depths of our roots, to the earth and the vast ocean of oneness with the universe. The Moon binds us to comfort zones, to emotional patterns and reactions that have been passed onto us and learnt from an early age. We can release these patterns by becoming conscious of them. The relationship between your astrological Sun sign and Moon sign show how you integrate opposites in order to be centred.

To be unified, we need to find balance and integration with the polarities of opposites. Sun and moon, consciousness, unconsciousness, light and dark, will, instinct, rational, irrational and masculine and feminine.

The Sun and Moon represent a sacred marriage. They are always participating in a cyclical dance of separation and union. as they unite, then pull apart, harmonise and separate. So above, so below. The Sun and moon in our charts show the marriage of opposites by uniting our opposites, within ourselves we can find more wholeness within our psyche and in the outer world.

The current astrological weather is delivering us the message of aligning more fully to our purpose, moving on from the past and releasing emotional attachments that we have grown out of. Rather than focusing on the loss and the lack, we can discover our inner resources, what supports us emotionally, and what brings nourishment and joy within our environment.
And most importantly, make some room for the unknown in order to manifest the new.
Best wishes, Natalie