Mark, London

If I were to call the past 18 months of my life ‘a tough time’ it would be a little understated to say the least! So when I was in need of some guidance and I asked the Universe for assistance She delivered it to me in the inimitable form of Natalie Delahaye. On first meeting Natalie I immediately became aware that I was in the presence of one extremely intuitive, professional and sincere woman. There is an unprecedented honesty which she exudes and, for me personally, this is exactly what I required. After only a few minutes I felt complete certainty and trust in her abilities.

Kim, London

Had an amazing astrological reading from Natalie Delahaye …she has an uncanny depth to her readings and is able to see clearly the path ahead so if your feeling like you need to make decisions or are stuck or just want some clarity then I would totally recommend having your chart done with her.

Lindsay, Surrey

Natalie has a fascinating and whimsical way of looking at things. Her natural gift and talent for astrology never ceases to amaze me as she has given me numerous readings over the years.  rough stressful times she has been able to calm my nerves and put just about everything into perspective. She  has a fabulous way of explaining things , and is also a superb teacher. She is enchanting and optimistic and her delivery of information is always intriguing. One of the best things about Natalie’s readings  is the fact that she always takes such a positive slant on things