My Sister’s Wedding by Natalie Delahaye

My sister’s wedding took place on 9 th January 2016, with the ceremony commencing just 10 hours before the new moon. Marriage is Capricornian by nature, with all its tradition, formality and legally binding contract of commitment. So, the exchanging of rings on a Capricorn new moon greatly emphasises the commitment. The action and decisions taken on this day solidifies and secures way into the future. The difference between being in a relationship and tying the knot is usually the sense of increased responsibility for each other, once wed. The stabilising and grounding Capricorn stellium in their wedding chart harmonises nicely with their conjunct Taurean Suns and resonates with Gemma’s natal Saturn conjunct North Node in Virgo.

The marriage celebrations were happening at the new moon, while the ceremony and the latter part of the reception were taking place at the basalmic moon; that potent time for wishes, prayer and intention setting. After delivering my speech on the wedding chart of my sister and brother in law, my 4 year old nephew curiously asked if I had been talking about meditation, to which I replied, “absolutely Leo”.

January 9 th happens to be the day of the Roman celebration Agonalia, the festival to Janus, who is the god of gates and doorways. This is the day on which the gateway to the new year, happening in the first month, January, is opened. Janus is depicted with one head facing backwards and the other forwards. On the subject of Roman mythology, the table arrangements of the decorative, abundance of fruit, nuts and flowers were so reminiscent of cornucopia. Cornucopia is associated with Roman deities, the harvest and prosperity of the earth’s abundance and fertility. The word Cornocopia, meaning goats horn, comes from Caper, Capricorn and hornu, horn, and has connections with the harvest goddess Ceres. It’s not solely physical nourishment but spiritual too; the horn representing the expansion of consciousness. Jupiter in Virgo is well aspected in the chart, sitting close to the North Node and trining Sol, Mercury and Pallas. She is showering her blessings onto the marriage;, blessings of nourishment and inner and outer fulfilment from the 4 th house of roots up to the to the fruits of the tree tops.

I have to say, I have never been to a wedding of such galactically organic splendour, both visually and culinarily…Ceres would have been impressed. There were after dinner treats of Gemma’s homemade organic raw cacao, guarana truffles, a table devoted to my dad’s gluten free sourdough bread and not a hint of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes instead.

It is a strong, angular, wedding chart with the Moon, the chart ruler, taking precedence and illuminating the marriage house, alongside Pluto, Sun, Pallas and Mercury. Cancer was rising during the ceremony; the collective mood was emotional, joyous and deep. It was an intimate gathering of family clan and close friends, prior to the great majority of guests arriving for the reception.

There were moments of pure magic and synchronicity on the day. The most memorable, being the butterfly which appeared in the room as the bridegroom’s brother was reciting The Butterfly, by Spike Milligan

“This evening in the twilight’ gloom
A butterfly flew in my room
Oh what beauty, oh what grace
Who needs visitors from outer space.”
Spike Milligan

The guests, with me being no exception, all initially assumed that this had been pre-planned but that was not the case. Butterflies are symbolic of transformation and messengers of the deceased. It is incredibly rare to see butterflies in the depths of winter. They are connected to the signs Gemini and Sagittarius.Venus, the love planet was in Sagittarius and Gemma and Matt both have their progressed Suns in Gemini. The poem seemed very apt, considering the astrological conditions of the day. That transition of the dark moon into the light of the new moon; the twilight hour and the Moon, the chart’s ruler, in tight conjunction with Pluto, planet of metamorphoses. Uranus on the midheaven square moon Pluto in the 7 th house, is the unwanted visitor from outer space. Why would two earthy Taureans need something so out there, when the magic and beauty of all the delights of earth are super- natural enough?

Yet, Gemma and Matt are Uranian Taureans. Gemma’s Moon is conjunct her Uranus, opposite Matt’s Sun and Matt has natal Uranus opposite his Sun and mercury. In their wedding chart, Uranus is conjoined with their composite Venus Mars and Uranus trines Venus in their marriage chart. Saturn and Venus are tightly bonded in the chart; they can do traditional as long as there is room for the original and freedom of expression. Venus in Sagittarius needs relationships that bring growth, joviality and adventure and values the sharing of similar philosophies and ideals, based on truth and honesty.

The wedding had an unconventional twist to it: what with an astrologer opening the ceremony with a speech on synastry, both of the bride’s parents walking her up the aisle, wedding photos taken before, rather than after the ceremony and only seven weeks to plan the whole event! With both Gemma and Matt having natal Mars and Venus in Aries, there is no time like the present, so why prolong the engagement?

Given the connection of Mercury and siblings and the fact that my Mercury return was happening on the day, it’s no surprise that I’m recounting the event, and what a real pleasure that has been.