Scorpio New Moon Astrological Forecast


New Moon at 15 degrees Scorpio, 7th November 2018

This month, the renewals and new intentions are taking place in Scorpio, sign of rebirth and metamorphosis, making for an especially potent one. In the northern hemisphere, trees are dropping their leaves and everything is going deep back into the earth once more. In the same way this is the time to shed the old and let go. Like a snake shedding its skin, we leave behind old parts of ourselves and old patterns, so that we can move into the new.

Mars, Scorpio’s traditional ruler, is in harmonious union with retrograde Venus. Yet, with wild card Uranus and Venus, goddess of love in a cosmic dance, since the end of October and throughout November, expect the unexpected when it comes to relationships, be open to the new. Scorpio is about intimate bonding, and deeper, soul levels in partnership. Venus in retrograde is a time for reviewing and re-considering what we love, what brings us joy, and what we want to invest in, socially, romantically and financially.

This new moon coincides with Jupiter, planet of growth and expansion, just about to move into his home sign of Sagittarius. While there is a new moon every month, it has been 12 years since Jupiter was in Sagittarius. In Scorpio, much growth has come through tapping into our emotional intelligence and trusting our intuitive hunches. In Sagittarius, we can expand our visions and aspirations of the future goals we aspire to and renew our innate faith in life.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.’ Marcel Proust