Prince George’s Birth Chart

The Sun has made a dramatic entrance into Regal Leo, Full Moon in Aquarius and the Royal Baby’s Birth is announced. The royal baby is a Cancerian, the zodiac sign that greatly values the homeland, family, traditions Cancerians are nurturing, security driven, tenacious, emotionally intelligent and ooze public appeal. It’s interesting that the sign Cancer is very prominent among the royal family. Prince William, the late Princess Diana and Camilla Parker-Bowles. Most people know their zodiac sign, the sign the sun was in when they were born but the sign the moon was in a at the time of birth is also important In astrology .The moon sign indicates what one needs to feel secure and how one nurtures others. Kate’s moon sign is in Cancer, showing that she is a natural mother. Cancer is the archetypal mother and nurturer, at her most fulfilled when pouring energies into family life. The full moon is a popular time for births they are peak times for important events, which fits with an historic event such as this royal birth. Kate was born on a full moon and so was the royal baby. There is a Capricorn Cancer themes going on between the baby and his parents; he shares the sign with his father and his moon sign in ambitious, gaol orientated, responsible Capricorn reflects his mother’s sun sign in Capricorn.

The astrological aspects surrounding the birth were dazzling. The full moon was brewing and the Sun and Moon were lingering expectedly in Cancer and Capricorn, the signs of tradition, childbirth, homeland, public and private world. The birth was heralded, shortly after the dramatic entrance of the sizzling Sun had moved into royal Leo and the moon had reached her fullness. Members of the Royal family who are Leos are the Queen mother, princess Anne, princess Margaret and Kate Middleton’s rising sign in Leo. The rising sign influences the appearance and the mane of hair that Kate has is very Leoine.