New Moon in Pisces, March 17th 2018, Astrological Forecast for All Zodiac Signs


Pisces New Moon

New moons are about intention settings, starting afresh and creating new goals. This Pisces New Moon is just days away from the spring equinox, and carries a wealth of yearning, dreams and inspiration for the future of the coming year, amplified by the flowing Jupiter, which is the launch pad on which to aim your arrows far and wide to future hopes and dreams.

This is the time to find stillness, space and a pause in the moment and find clarity and perspective amid the noise around you. It could feel like life has been put on a momentary hold or has come to a standstill, as you adapt to the change in speed.

Things to do on the Pisces New Moon
Go for a swim
Visit an aquarium
Express your creativity
Put yourself out for someone
Do some voluntary work
Feed your soul