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New Moon in Scorpio, 28th October 2019, Astrological Guidance, Natalie Delahaye

Welcome to Scorpio season, an especially potent time of rebirth and metamorphosis. Whatever our Sun sign (zodiac sign), we all have planets or points in Scorpio, whether natally or progressed that will be lit up by the Scorpio New Moon on 28th October.

Astrology is all about the seasons and equinoxes, as above so below and as around us, so within us. In the northern hemisphere, trees are dropping their leaves and everything is going deep back into the earth once more. In the same way this is the time to shed the old and let go. Like a snake shedding its skin, we leave behind old parts of ourselves and old patterns that are no longer relevant.

Scorpio month always coincides with Halloween, All souls and All Saints Day. It is the time to remember departed souls, who have moved on from the earth realm. In a similar way, Scorpio is linked to the theme of death and rebirth; life never stays the same, after endings, come beginnings and after winter comes spring.

All cycles of birth, death and rebirth are life cycles connect to the archetype of Scorpio.

The New Moon in Scorpio on 28th October is the time to set and refresh intentions that we wish to manifest over the coming month and much further beyond. Themes of the Scorpio New Moon are : transformation, renewal, going deep, uncovering the truth, emotional intelligence and emotional empowerment.

Pluto, Scorpio’s ruling planet, is in an ongoing dialogue with Saturn and the South Node. It is about letting go and banishing fears and old outworn power and control patterns of behaviour. We can tap into our own source of empowerment and control, without needing to resort to power and ego games to steal energy from others.

There is a strong relationship vibe about the Scorpio New Moon. Venus, planet of love is in Scorpio in Scorpio. The focus is on the transformative power of love, setting intentions for how we can bring more beauty into our lives, express our values, and create deeper, more meaningful relationships. While Venus was in Libra over the past month, it was all about appearances and the conformity to social rules, while in Scorpio, it is about piercing the veils of illusion separating us from the real truth and beauty. On a social, romantic and business level, there is an intensity, depth and desire to be authentic, although secrecy and mistrust can taint this urge. Seduction, temptation, deep bonding, soul connections, obsession and love spells conjure up the atmosphere when Venus is in Scorpio.

Mercury, planet of communication is in Scorpio for an extended time, due to the retrograde. It favours quality over quantity, depth over surface and holistic over fragmented. Time to go deep with an idea and alchemise data into insight. From November 1st, when mercury stations to retrograde for 3 weeks, it is the time to rediscover some important facts and details that were overlooked, research, edit, revise, finalise and review what’s already been started rather than launching something new. Revisit issues from the past, whether this is a project left on the back-burner or an idea that you had that you didn’t act on.

There are 3 faces to mysterious Scorpio. The first is the reptilian, a survivalist, power hungry creature who becomes revengeful and destructive when threatened. The second is the golden eagle, who has transcended base, primitive instincts in favour of awareness and healing, although the shadow is still visible from their vantage point. The third face is the phoenix, who has risen from the ashes, spared to great heights and transcended their ego through deep awareness of its soul.

My choice of essential oils for Scorpio season are: Lavender, Patchouli and Frankincense. These are all aromatherapy oils that resonate with the current Astrological weather and have a healing and harmonizing effect during Scorpio season. Add a few drops to the bath or to a massage blend or diffuser.
Best wishes and don’t forget to make a wish!