New Moon in Sagittarius, New Horizons, 7th December 2018


New Moons are times to set intentions that you wish to manifest in your life

What is your vision? What gives you meaning? What do you believe in and what is your passion? These are things to ponder on at this Sagittarius New Moon.

New Moons occur every month, in a different zodiac sign, bringing collective and personal themes related to that particular astrological sign. In agricultural times, (think farmer’s almanac), farmers would plant particular crops at a new moon, that would reach fruition at the full moon. In modern times we can set intentions and plant metaphorical seeds for the changes and developments we would like to see in our lives.

By taking note of the Moon phases and the themes, you can be more fully aligned to life on all levels. As above, so below.  New moon in Sagittarius, it will affect everyone, regardless of their Sun sign, as we all have Sagittarius somewhere in our natal charts and  planets and  point that is aspected by 15 degrees Sagittarius.

This New Moon in Sagittarius sparks our spirit of adventure and ignites our faith in goals, growth and expansion.

Things to do a Sagittarius New Moon
• Go on a mental, physical,or spiritual voyage.
• encounter what is outside of your normal comfort zone,
• take a trip to an exotic place.
• travel mentally: read an inspiring book or engage in a mind- expanding conversation.
• Plant seeds of inspiration, think positive and you will attract that back in return.
• Look ahead to the future, not behind at the past, this is a visionary lunation, you have survived the past…
• Broaden your horizons.
• Lastly, shoot your arrows far and high and set your intentions on the limitless possibilities of growth and exploration.