New moon in Leo, 1st August, 2019

New Moon in Leo, ‘New Potentials.’1st August 2019, Astrological Guidance by Natalie Delahaye

New Moon in Leo 1st August 2019, ‘New Potentials’
New Moons are times to update, review, re write and renew our intentions.
In Leo, light is shed on our core self, our personal path and the unique part that we play in life. We are the stars of own movie and the hero of our journey. Does fear or lack of confidence diminish our light or obscure our individuality?

The energies of this heart- centred New Moon encourage us to express our talents and passion, re- ignite that spark of divinity and have faith and courage in being our unique selves. It is the time for developing in consciousness, building talents and gifts aligned to our hearts that we can share with others.

New Moons are those times to mentally rehearse what it is that we wish to manifest. This is an ideal, potent time to set intentions on increasing what revitalises us and brings us joy.
Best Wishes, Natalie