New Moon in Cancer, Solar Eclipse, July 2nd 2019

New Moon in Cancer, Solar Eclipse, Astrological Guidance, July 2nd 2019

Solar New Moon Eclipse in Cancer, July 2nd

It is a total  new moon solar eclipse in Cancer, visible in Chile and Argentina.

Eclipses are milestone timelines that provide important opportunities for our growth, our breakthroughs and the ongoing journey of our destiny. The cyclical dance of the Sun and Moon reveal the unfolding of our unique life story.

The solar eclipse is an amped up New Moon, which plays out for 6 months or more. That which is happening now has echoes of the eclipse 18/19 years ago. Whatever was of importance at that time is up for review or renewal.

The New moon Solar Eclipse is in Cancer, the sign of the Moon’s natural home signifies fresh starts and reset. It’s the time to give birth to an idea and nurture a dream.

Home, family, clan, the public, security, emotional intelligence, memories, women’s interests, past/roots/heritage, food and imagination, all carry significant importance at this lunation, both collectively and personally.

It is the time for feeding our inner and outer foundations, listening to our 2nd brain (our gut instincts), developing our emotional intelligence and feeding our souls.

Saturn, the karmic planet and Pluto, planet of transformation are importantly placed in this eclipse, showing our path of soul purpose on a personal and collective level. This is the time to align more fully to our soul purpose, move on from the past and release emotional attachments that we have grown out of. Rather than focusing on the loss and the lack, we can discover what supports us emotionally, and what makes us feel secure and safe in our environment.

 Planet Uranus, the awakener, is playing a special role. Serendipity is at play and we need to make some room for the unknown in order to manifest the new.

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