Mercury Retrograde

There are more miscommunications, mistakes, delays, technological mal functions with phones, cars and computers during this time. Enough has been written about the negative effects of Mercury retrograde like delays, mishaps, technological breakdowns etc. I like to focus on the benefits and rewards of these times that I have observed while the cosmic messenger is travelling backwards.

It is a time of shifting from left to right brain, a yin time of recharging, reflecting, re-viewing and returning to that which was overlooked and needs to be completed. In our busy technological life of mass data overload, Mercury retrograde provides a welcome break but we have to first of all shift gears, slow down, tune into a higher frequency, and try to swim with the Mercurial tide rather than against it. It’s a time of quality over quantity, depth over breadth, when we can focus on that which is important and go deeper with it, rather than taking more on to our plate.

The intuitive, right brain is enhanced considerably. We are able to feel our way through things, with the guidance of our inner wisdom, thus making choices more aligned to our core nature.

Living in a fast pace world, with an abundance of data, we don’t always find enough time for processing our thoughts, reflecting and slowing down to assimilate knowledge. Mercury Retrograde offers the space to do this more easily.

Projects and ideas on the backburner, ready to be completed? Mercury Rx phase is an opportune time for this.

Writers, students and editors! Mercury Retrograde times are fantastic for editing our work, proof-reading, researching and spotting errors that we missed.

Enjoy! Exercise patience, flexibility and openness, you never know what treasure you may discover. Oh and forgot to say that things that have been long-lost or hidden, often re-emerge at this time.