March 2017 Horoscopes by Natalie Delahaye


                                                                              March Horoscopes

Virgo Full Moon March 12th

It is the last full moon of the astrological year, prior to the spring equinox, when the Sun leaps into Aries. Fruition, culmination and peak moments are hallmarks of full moons. As the door of winter closes, the door of spring opens.  The Themes illuminated by Virgo full moon are the importance of work and health routines; the efficiency and organisation of how we craft these into our lives. This is a moon for fine tuning our lives and readdressing any imbalance that are preventing us from living more holistically.   Mercurial Virgo can get lost in detail; it is the polarity of the opposite sign Pisces that helps to get a broader perspective, to see the whole picture rather than fragments of it.  This is the moon to perfect whatever craft we have. Virgo delivers the physical tools to ground spirituality and pull the inspiration of Piscean dreams into mundane tasks, without which life would be monotonous.  Wherever Virgo 22 degrees is in chart is where the blossoming is taking place. Look back on what you were initiating 6 months ago at the Virgo new moon and see how far you’ve come. What manifested, what was left behind and what has come full circle?


Aries New Moon March 28th

The Aries new moon marks the start of a new 12 month journey of the new moon cycle, this is a powerful time to set intentions for the coming months. With Aries’ ruling planet Mars in Taurus, our actions and desires have an extremely promising chance of taking root and achieving staying power. We all have Aries in our charts and don’t have to have an emphasis of Aries energy to resonate with the sense of wonder, boldness and newness that that there is in large supply in the cosmos right now. While spring has already begun with the Sun moving into Aries on 20th March on the Vernal equinox, it is not until this potent, dynamic new moon in on March 28th that things really begin to get moving. New beginnings and directions driven by boldness and decisiveness are favoured, as the spark of new creation and the manifestation of desires fills the void of procrastination, indecision and lethargy. The new moon is conjunct Venus, daring us to make courageous acts for love, aligned to our desires. The moon’s dispositor Mars in Taurus, sextile enchanted Neptune in Pisces believes, dreams can become a reality, when desire is merged with vision and imagination. .

Make a Wish!

March Horoscopes


The new moon in your sign on 28th, blasts you with a new cycle of dynamism, courage, leadership and drive. Your values, your loves and desires are in review phase with Venus retrograde in your sign. On 26th, be attentive to an original, innovative idea as Uranus, the awakener planet and Mercury, the messenger work their magic.


Circumstances have caused you to take a step back to review and revise some of your plans and reassess some of your goals this month. You’re re-affirming your values as Venus your ruling planet, stations retrograde on March 4th. ; The creative energy flowing through you right now is finding its expression in grounding and containing ways, through being in touch with your senses and finding ways of contacting terra firma.

Gemini .

You’re re-evaluating your hopes, dreams and goals. It’s a time for reaching out to those who share and appreciate your visions. For creative Geminis, your muse is returning and creative juices flowing once again.  Networking, group activities and new contacts are featured for you and at the same time, you’re reviving a blast from the past


Your ambitions and, goals are under review during the next 40 day, while Venus goddess of love retraces her steps though your house of career house. The new moon is an initiating time for career plans, though, with Venus retrograde and Mercury following suit next month, launch time could well wait a few months.


After an emotionally heightened time, what with the lunar eclipse in your sign and then the intense new moon eclipse, there are warm flames to re- vitalise you and lightens things up. It’s a forward looking month. There is a wonder lust about you right now, maybe you’re planning a dream trip away.


This is a fruitful month for Virgos; with the full moon in your sign on 12th, it’s a flowering time for a seed that was planted 6 months ago. It’s also a weeding out time; something is leaving your life too. There are transformations and re-births, following last month’s eclipses that have played a catalytic part in moving you onwards and upwards.


There is an ending of some kind around the full moon on 12th, a re-visitation to something from your past that requires meditation and reflection. Venus retrograde makes you fickle and indecisive, so it’s not the time for making firm commitments professionally, with new business connections or with partners. Rather, it is time for weighing up all sides, which is what you do best.


You’re very much in demand this month, emotionally, physically and psychically. Everyone around you seems to be going through some kind of crisis and needs a piece of you.  One door closes as another opens; there is a graceful goodbye to one person and a heartfelt hello to someone else.


Creativity, romance, fun and pleasure are all on the menu for you this month. It’s best to be adaptable to plans carried out right now as there may be last minute alterations. It’s a time in your life to enjoy being in the moment, enjoying the journey rather than concerning yourself with the destination. As a Sagittarian you are skilled at this but every now and again we all need to be reminded of what we know so well.


It is the karma of unfinished business that you’re dealing with this month as you’re magnetised back to completing and deepening something that is coming full circle. Balance is the magic word for you, as you are pulled between your private and public life. It’s family commitments and the need for your own space versus the pull of career demands.


With the stellium in Aries this month, highlighting learning and communicating, you need not fear that you are in danger of mentally stagnating. You may be rooted in one place but your mind is free, breezy and branching out high into the air. Get ready for a brainwave and a breakthrough between when Mercury collides with Uranus on 26th.


The focus is on your finances and the innovative, entrepreneurial ways in which you can increase them. Attitudes towards money and possessions undergo an alteration, it’s not the best time for big investments or big spending as you could be over valuing these things only to regret investing in them once Venus moves forward.