Dog Astrology

Have you ever wondered why 2 dogs of the same breed can exude such different behavioural traits? Our pets are influenced by the zodiac in the same way that we are. Dog Astrology gives insight into your dog’s character, helping you to bond more closely with him/her, through understanding his/her needs, as well as idiosyncrasies. As with Astrology for humans, Dog Astrology uses the date, location and time (if known), of the pet’s birth, when creating a birth chart. I will look at the influence of the planets on the day, month and year of your dog’s birth, which reveal your dog’s unique birth chart: Sun sign, Moon sign and all other planetary interactions. The characteristics of the breeds are taken into account.

Georgie, my maltipoo, (white dog in picture closest to camera), is a happy go lucky friendly Sagittarian. She’s extremely buoyant and puppy- like, despite being 6 years old. True to her Sagittarius Sun sign, Georgie is freedom loving and adventurous. She loves to be free to roam around and explore her environment without the restriction of a lead or harness. She will climb up spiral staircases that would terrify most dogs and she will jump up and down like a yo-yo enroute to her destination. .

The Moon in Astrology reveals your dog’s emotional needs and responses. Georgie’s Moon sign is in the sign of caring Cancer; her protective side comes out around children and babies. She insists on sleeping at the end of their beds, keeping a watchful eye over them and alerting their parents if they cry during the night.

Venus shows the way in which your dog relates to others. Georgie has Venus in Libra, which is all sweetness, love and light. Her nickname is angel dog. Everyone loves her, and nobody can help but be charmed by her big angelic eyes. Sagittarius has a tendency for over- doing it and being a tad over indulgent, Cancer Moon is a foodie, and Venus in Libra has a penchant for sweet food. Coupled together, you have a greedy dog who will eat anything, (no matter how exotic for a dog), and doesn’t know when to stop, given the opportunity.

The Fee for this service is £30 and consists of a chart interpretation and dog’s birth chart, which is written from scratch; not computer generated. Optionally, you can send me a picture of your dog to include in their chart. Dog Astrology Charts are available as written Interpretations, face to face consultations or a skype or phone call; whatever is most suitable.

Natalie Delahaye is a professional Astrologer and writer, since 2007, known both locally as well as internationally, in her field.