Blue Full Moon 19th April 2019, Astrology

Blue Full Moon in Libra at 29 degrees, 19th April 2019, Astrological Guidance

Blue Full Moon in Libra at 29 degrees, 19th April 2019
It is a Blue full Moon in Libra, a once in a while occurrence that happens when there are more than 1 full Moon a in a month in the same zodiac sign.
Relationships are illuminated at this Libran Full Moon; endings, beginnings, revelations, a crossroads, whatever it is it will be a shift. The theme of equilibrium and poise in our interactions and relationships of all kinds comes to the fore. Are we people pleasing (Libra) to the point of not being true to our nature and desires? Do we need to be more attuned to others and less self- centred? There are many opportunities to readdress the balance at this time. There is lots of unconscious ‘stuff’ with this Full Moon… not everyone chooses to really get to know who they are and what potentials they have, to evolve and to change; and for those, especially, old, unconscious patterns and projections flare up.)
This Libra Full Moon forms a cardinal Grand Cross to Pluto/South Node and Saturn. The Sun is conjunct trailblazing Uranus, the wild card that loves to surprise us. This plays out in the collective as well as in our personal lives. It all happens at 29 degrees, the aneretic fated degree. Something has reached a critical point and is ready to be acted on. Karmically, we are at a crossroads and have unfinished business to tie up as well as karmic rewards and karmic debts to pay off, prior to new beginnings. There is a special opportunity right now, to really align with our path and be true to who we are at the very core of our being. What is your ‘once in a Blue Moon’ experience at this time?
Best Full Moon wishes, Natalie