April 2017 Horoscopes For All Signs

April Astrological Overview

Libra full moon 11th April
The full moon in Libra, the sign of relating, on April 11th is a relationship themed one, which is about bringing to light the balance of dependence and independence, self and other in our connectedness with others. The moon is on the heels of a Venus square Saturn transit: we could end up sabotaging the very thing that we are desiring through our lack of self- worth and fear of losing our independence. However, the Sun conjunct Uranus does offer us a dose of boldness and leadership to initiate new beginning in relationships and to be real about what we want.

Taurus New Moon 26th April
The new moon in Taurus, exalted in this position, with Venus in Pisces where it is in dignity, ruling the chart, speaks of that ultimate, idyllic love, the stuff of fairy tales and movies. Can we make it real, manifest the romantic vision and bring it down to terra firma? Do we actually believe in love? Do we have faith in love and are we ready to surrender to it? Venus is direct after 40 days of retrograding and is at 29 degrees. Rewind back to the beginning of April, where it was at the same degree. Some of the issues of that time re-emerge to be moved on with at a deeper level, and understanding. Fill in the gaps now as missing information emerges.29 degrees is the fated, crisis point, so close yet so far from the necessary courage and life force of Aries. Upstream or downstream, that is the question. Chiron is conjunct Venus; we have to firstly address some core wounding that has been sieved up from the bottom of the ocean.
Taurus is associated with stability, manifestation and desire. It is an earthy, Venusian new moon; one in which self-worth, self-love, values and comfort are illuminated and need to be in alignment with our core truth and purpose. The seeds planted at this time are in fertile soil and can potentially grow into something solid and long lasting. This Venusian New Moon in the element of earth provides the potential of stillness and grounding of terra firma, bringing us to the wisdom of our bodies, of the earth and our senses. It’s the time of breaking old patterns and creating new ones. Relationships with others and with ourselves is illuminated at this time.

April Horoscopes
The full moon on 11th illuminates the area of one to one relationships in your solar chart. Your energies are required by an important other. After stepping back and doing some soul searching, over the past month, you’re now even more sure of who you love and what you love. You’re on the road to fulfilling your heart’s desire when Venus leaps back into your sign on the 29th April for a return 1 month stay.
This is your birthday month, your solar return, a time to set intentions of hopes and dreams for the coming year. On 26th the new moon joins your sun and signifies a fresh new start. After 40 days of travelling backwards, your ruler Venus is back on track and you have clearer perceptions of where you’re at with regard to love, money and relationships. With Mercury retrograding in your sign, your intuition is amped up. Go with it.
Romance, fun and creativity will be a source of nourishment for you this april. Your ruling planet Mercury is turning retrograde this month, a time when you are more able to feel your way through things, as opposed to over analysing your way through. Tapping into the guidance of your inner wisdom helps you in making choices more aligned to your core nature.
What may seem like a setback that leads you to review your professional image and status is actually a golden opportunity to a need to temporarily step back and tweak and re -define an important goal so that you are well versed. You are in the public limelight this month, your leadership abilities and your enthusiasm don’t go un- noticed by others. New business plans are carried out and progress with projects is made.
You have more impact on your surroundings than you realise and you will find a new joy or love that will help you to express yourself more, in new ways. Important messages and new connections are made within your day to day life, through those you meet going from a to b. The new moon on the 26th occurs in your house of ambitions. It is a seeding, energising time when new goals professionally are to be focussed on.
Mercury your ruling planet is turning backwards for a few weeks, in which time he is mischievous but not malicious, he just wants to make sure that you are mentally on form. When dealing with accounts, contracts or taxes, ensure that your Virgoan eye for detail is at its usual level of sharpness to be sure that you don’t have to re-do. Sharing and intimacy on all levels will be a focal point this month. Be sure to attend to your own needs too.
There is a full moon in your sign as well and Venus, your ruling planet is retrograde until 15th April. This is review time for your values. Your peace- making, harmonising talents will be required this month when it comes to dealing with those volatile people orbiting around you. As Venus goes direct so do you. There is an important decision that you’ve finally made.
Pluto, your ruling planet is turning retrograde on 21s. Whilst every zodiac sign will feel the effects of this movement, you are especially affected. During this time you have the chance to recover a hidden resource that has been overlooked. Keep a careful eye on what goes on around you throughout your day to day life and you may well discover an archaeological gem, (metaphorically speaking).
Creativity, romance, fun and pleasure are all on the menu for you this month. Saturn in your sign is retrograding on 6th, for the next 4 and a half months. It’s a reality check time that tests you, to make sure that you are fully living out our ideals and philosophies and walking your talk to the best of your abilities. It’s a karmic time for you, either reaping or sowing, or a bit of both.
Pluto in your sign moves backwards this month for the next 5 months offering you time to absorb and examine recent transformations in your life. Life lightens up from 26th, when you’re able to put your needs first and find well-earned time for fun and pleasure. Saturn begins his travels backwards on 6th and you can take time to redefine your recent commitments and responsibilities to ensure greater future success.
Home is where the action is happening this month. This is a month for deepening your roots and foundations and reaffirming your truth and values before the branching out that will be happening for you from May full moon. The support and security that your clan provide enable you to embark on exciting, innovative times.
Since the eclipse in your sign last month, circumstances have made you take a step back to review and revise some of your plans. Perhaps the way you have been going about a new responsibility or project needs adjusting. It’s time to reassess some of your goals this month.