Librans are in love with love, on a theoretical level this sign spends much time pondering on love and seeking the ideal kind of love, complete with the right gestures and the correct courtly rituals. Libra is all about relating to others, whether in a relationship, with friends, or colleagues, it is harmony, balance, fairness and cooperation that these Venusian-ruled folk seek. Librans are unlikely to spend much of their life alone as their need for relationships is too strong. This sign can be a sucker for a pretty face; so affected by the surface beauty of their loved-one that


Out of all the signs of the Zodiac, Geminis are the easiest to recognise. It is their incessant chattiness, their social expertise and interest in a diverse range of subjects that gives them away. They normally are youthful looking also. Geminis are the butterflies of the Zodiac, flitting from one flower to another, covering a large surface area but rarely pondering in depth one specific area for fear of missing opportunities. To a Gemini there is a huge, wide world out there that needs to be explored and being tied down to one job, one place and a anything that