Virgos need to understand the details in life, sometimes focussing so intently on details that they miss the bigger picture. Being a practical sign, Virgo’s is interested in the application of knowledge and will reject knowledge that cannot be put into practise. Virgoans need a structure and a routine within which to work, a lack of boundaries and guidelines may cause nervousness. Their desire for order and definition spills over into their emotional lives; Virgoans control their emotions. Virgoans are efficient people who need to be of service and to help others. The typical Virgo is interested and aware of


Taureans are bestowed with the grace and love of beauty of the Goddess Venus. They love beautiful people, beautiful art, beautiful food, beautiful music. In fact they have good but luxurious taste and do not want to settle for anything in life that lacks quality and sensuality. They treasure both objects and people and their possessiveness makes it difficult to let go of relationships. Taureans are traditional folk whose roots are firmly in tradition. They look for security and all that will endure a lifetime. They share their love of the countryside with the bull and even those Taureans who