Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, an old soul who has soaked up the qualities of the preceding signs and as a result lacks a feeling of separateness. The typical Piscean feels oneness with everything and everyone, having a porous, nebulous nature, he soaks in atmospheres and feelings surrounding him. Like the fish, Pisceans live in a fluid world, never knowing whether the tides will carry them upstream or downstream. Pisceans have a love of music, art and mysticism and many excel within these fields due to their sensitive, imaginative, creative nature. The urge for escapism is strong


Cancerians are very connected to the sea; the transient moods of Cancerians reflect the lunar influence that causes the ebb and flow of the ocean. Cancerians, like the crab will walk sideways in their pursuit for what they want. They are naturally assertive but do not show it directly. Their tenacious attitude, once intent on a goal, would rather lose a pincer than give up fighting for it. The sensitivity of the Cancerian is protected by a hard shell. They spend half of their life on dry land and the other in deep waters, balancing life between the practical world