New Moon in Pisces 2020, Astrological Guidance

New Moon in Pisces 23rd February 2020, Astrological Guidance with Natalie Delahaye

New Moon in Pisces
There is a New Moon happening on 23rd February in Pisces at 4 degrees. This is the last new moon of the year prior to the spring equinox on March 20th, marked by the Sun leaping into Aries. We are coming full circle, the Sun is completing his 12 month cycle through the zodiac signs, ending at Pisces.

While all monthly New Moons are about setting intentions, starting afresh and creating new goals, the Pisces New Moon is especially powerful, in terms of envisaging your future goals for the coming year. This is the time to find clarity and perspective amidst the noise around you.

With the stellium of planets all in Pisces, the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune, the emphasis of the water element reminds us to go with the flow. The best results come right now from surrendering to the current of life, letting go and enjoying the ride of the waves. This is a meditative, reflective time of endings, completions and releasing the old to make room for the new. We don’t have to travel far to experience a change in perception, an alteration of consciousness.

Things to do on a Pisces new Moon
Do something water related, relate, take a swim, be by the ocean, dream, meditate, create, imagine, lose yourself in something, forgive, put yourself out for someone, and most importantly feed your soul.
Mercury is currently retrograde in Pisces, The intuitive, right brain is enhanced considerably. We are able to feel our way through things, with the guidance of our inner wisdom, thus making choices more aligned to our core nature. Though we may be in a rush to make that important commitment or sign that contract. Use this time to prepare, review and re-think, prior to making any important life changing decisions. Best to wait until after 10th March, once Mercury is direct once more.

Mars, planet of action and Uranus, the planet of innovation are in flowing aspect to the lunation…helping to make the intangible real and manifest our desired future.

You can find me on You tube. Here is your New moon in Pisces forecast for all zodiac signs.

Best wishes, Natalie